Wisscom showcases at AIX Hamburg 2015

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2015 ready to welcome exhibitors and visitors to the industry’s “must attend” event of the year

With under a week to go, Aircraft Interiors Expo is ready to open its doors at the Hamburg Messe in Germany from 14 -16 April 2015. Organised by Reed Exhibitions, the 16th edition of Aircraft Interiors Expo will be the largest ever staged with over 530 exhibiting companies from 30 different countries spread over seven halls compared to five in 2014, including a record size IFE Zone which has grown by 31%.

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Partner Testimonial

Wisscom is a great team to partner with, and has great potential to change the airline industry with their products

– Mark Van Der Sluis


Deloitte Testimonial

Wisscom Aero is delivering to the airline industry a transformational turn-key solution that will, without any doubt, revolutionize this business and unlock great value for all

- Mehdi Serghini


International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) set to ratify aircraft tracking rule

Measure could set a new gold standard for aviation safety globally but faces stiff opposition from airlines.

1 February 2015, Oxford, United Kingdom – All commercial flights worldwide could be required to send out an automated signal every minute in times of distress to help rescuers find downed aircraft more easily.

The measure is in response to last year’s disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The aircraft, with 239 people on board, has never been found and remains on of the great aviation mysteries of modern times.

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Wisscom Aerospace technology could aid with its real time tracking capability and immediate “blackbox” data access of civil airliners in distress

2 January 2015 – The tragic loss of AirAsia flight QZ8501 over the Java Sea has brought real time tracking of distressed aircraft into sharp focus once again.

The aircraft was en-route from Surabaya to Singapore with 163 souls aboard when it lost contact with air traffic control, prompting a three-day search and recovery mission before wreckage was discovered.

British company Wisscom Aerospace argues that this delay is wholly man made and that the advent of new technology could significantly shorten the time it takes for recovery operations to commence.

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Two Names You Will Hear More From – Wisscom & Abdou Attou

IFExpress is known for calling your attention to the “little guy”, and usually new start-ups in our business, no matter how big or small, deserve your attention. This week we present Wisscom, a relatively new venture in Oxford, UK (and possibly soon in Singapore). The company has an interesting goal: “…real-time tracking along with reports that help analyze operationally critical flight and engine data, all helping airlines to cut costs & improve performance.” We note that they, for the most part, see using connectivity hardware (a lot from the IFEC space) to deliver software solutions that airlines need today. According to Wisscom CEO, Abdou Attou, “Wisccom is all about the web2.0 of the SKY & beyond just connectivity & IFE provisioning.”

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