• SmartCloud® is a world first for the aviation industry, an innovative peer-to-peer weather aid solution, bringing truly localised weather information directly to the flight deck in real-time.
  • The system functions by capturing live weather information reported by air crew of aircraft that most recently passed through an unforeseen weather disturbance, and transferring it on to other aircrafts that may be traversing in the vicinity.
  • SmartCloud® effectively negates the reliance on weather information that might already be hours old, instead, adding to this near current, extremely localised and relevant weather information, thereby facilitating a more comfortable journey for passengers.


  • A ground-breaking highly localised peer-to peer weather reporting system.
  • Feeds directly into a ground based server repository for rapid dissemination to nearby aircraft.


  • Captures live weather information as reported by air crew.
  • Enhancing decision making for a safer and more comfortable passenger experience


Information collected by the first aircraft to pass along a given route is rapidly transmitted to the ground station servers, and the relevant data stream is then shared with any other oncoming aircraft flying a similar or identical path.

This pioneering peer-to-peer weather aid solution significantly enhances airborne safety and passenger experience.