SmartFleet@ is our leading edge fleet wide data management software solution, enabling airlines to fully utilise the wealth of information generated from any given flight.Offering real-time access to critical performance parameters and reports, this invaluable tool is designed to optimise preventive fleet maintenance, measure pilot performance and aid in training, thus maximising potential cost saving initiatives you may have.

SmartFleet® can be easily customised to surface operationally critical data that is highly relevant to an airline's individual needs and therefore helps get the best out of expensive individual fleet assets.


Smart Fleet


  • Real-time actionable data 
  • Easy-to-interpret graphical reports 


  • Fully customisable 
  • Comparison on various scales like time, time from last maintenance, between aircraft among others


SmartFleet® offers airlines much better, more up-to-date data about their respective fleet assets.

A key advantage is the ability to shift away from far more costly static preventive maintenance schedule, instead adopting a much more agile dynamic maintenance regime, resulting in an increase in the lifespan of aircraft as well as optimal fleet efficiency and operations.

SmartFleet® is our core data analytics software package and a pioneer in its class.