• SmartTrack® gives airlines the ability to monitor and track their aircrafts in real time, by means of Global Positioning System (GPS) data transmitted directly to ground based servers at regular intervals.
  • Designed primarily for better aircraft tracking purposes, the system affords airlines much better visibility of important parameters like latitude, longitude, ground speed and heading.
  • SmartTrack® delivers significant benefit in the event of an emergency, particularly when out of radar coverage or otherwise over the vast expanse of the Oceans, given it's ability to record highly accurate positional information on the ground. Ready access to this data could prove crucial in the event a search and rescue mission is launched.


Smart Track


  • Real-time continuous positional tracking even when aircraft is out of radar range
  • Saves crucial search and rescue time in the event of an accident.


  • Real-time feedback of flight critical parameters like latitude, longitude, ground speed, heading etc. 
  • Real-time computation of key parameters on pre-defined intervals as well as on unscheduled events


SmartTrack® installed aircraft can be tracked anywhere at anytime during the course of a given flight irrespective of radar coverage.

Apart from basic positional parameters, the software provides airlines with ready access to other critical flight parameters like ground speed, wind speed and heading, all of which are instantly retrievable for detailed analysis in the event of something untoward occurring.

SmartTrack® offers unparalleled utility with safety uppermost in the mind.