Wisscom Aerospace technology could aid with its real time tracking capability and immediate “blackbox” data access of civil airliners in distress

2 January 2015 – The tragic loss of AirAsia flight QZ8501 over the Java Sea has brought real time tracking of distressed aircraft into sharp focus once again.

The aircraft was en-route from Surabaya to Singapore with 163 souls aboard when it lost contact with air traffic control, prompting a three-day search and recovery mission before wreckage was discovered.

British company Wisscom Aerospace argues that this delay is wholly man made and that the advent of new technology could significantly shorten the time it takes for recovery operations to commence.

“Accurately locating a downed airliner at sea was first flagged as real issue when Air France flight 447 was lost in 2009, but very little has actually been done to resolve it. The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014 brought the issue back to the foreground once again. But with the loss of AirAsia flight QZ5801, we are of the belief that these man made aeronautical issues cannot be left to continue much longer and it is time to adopt new approaches and technologies “, says Abdou Attou, Founder & CEO of Wisscom Aerospace Limited.

Wisscom Aerospace is a leading connectivity data driven software company based in Oxford, England, and delivers products that could have significant utility in the space.

Solutions include SmartTrackâ, a real time tracking platform which captures Global Positioning System (GPS) data for every aircraft in the fleet and sends this directly to the airline’s ground based servers. SmartTrackâ thus provides low cost access to up-to-the-minute aircraft location by smart and efficient use of the connectivity on board the aircraft.

CloudBoxâ delivers a real time Cockpit Voice Recording (CVR) capability as well as partial Flight Data Recorder (FDR) ability to aircraft that may be in distress. Activated by remote instruction or simple cockpit voice command, Cloudboxâ enables an instantaneous dump to ground of all voice traffic emanating from the cockpit, as well as vital data including aircraft position, altitude, speed, wind speed and atmospheric pressure.

These combined solutions offer the industry the hitherto unavailable ability to not only track aircraft in real time, but also have ready access to vital additional voice and data in the event of a disaster.

“These combined capabilities can help to substantially narrow the search field, Immediate access to the main parameters of the “backbox” data and enable recovery services to be on scene much quicker, reduce the cost of their operations and could potentially save lives”, concludes Mr. Attou.


About Wissom Aerospace Limited

Wisscom Aerospace is a specialist provider of software solutions to the aviation industry, based at the Oxford Science Park in Oxford, England.

Its core products include SmartFleet, SmartTrack, SmartCloud & CloudBox which, together form an ecosystem delivering operational and safety critical voice and data communications directly with ground in real time.

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